Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Reflection Admiration

I walked past you the other day
Saw your reflection in the mirror
I must say I loved what I was seeing 
I know you saw me because you gave me a smile
You changed your body language so it was facing me

We made eye contact... but didn't exchange words
We were locked in for sometime everything else was a blur
Like drinking to the point of feeling good.
That intoxicating feeling of lust, love and desires
Met with the inquiry of finding out more
But, we stayed in the silence admiring the new look

Truth is, we've seen each other before
on various platforms
in different settings
even shared a bed, a meal, a drink
saw each other while we were brushing our teeth

Something different about this encounter
You give off a glow, a light that's drawing people in
Your confidence has sky rocketed
Your desires are worn on your sleeve
Your eyes tell me that you want more

Your heart is beating to a different tune
One sound that is smooth
It's up and down in a tamed way
A little chaotic when the chorus plays
that's only because you're waiting for that match
Maybe the drum line or the auto-tune perhaps?

Something to mix and intertwine with your thoughts
you're ready now for a brand new start.
Yeah, we've met before as your reflection is
just like mine. Different in the ways of growth
in body, soul, heart and mind.

We have changed and the mirror shows us our truth
It's a new me looking back at you.
Those hidden gems have come to the surface.
The ill thoughts have been placed on the burner and torched
I have no room in my closet for how I used to see myself before.

Cleaned shop in a house of mirrors.
Just me and my admiration of my self reflections.

<3 Ebony 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Cafe HonesTea: Mercury to Mermaids and Marriage

OH MAN! From Mercury to mermaids and marriage! listen below and 
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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cafe HonesTea: Rx Abortion?

You love my writing but I know I can't get anything past you. 
So here's what happened a few months ago that caused me to go silent. 
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Disturbing "God Control" Madonna

Wow.. Guys I'm going to share a few things with you before you watch this video. 

Madonna is no stranger when it comes to how she feels about gun control and gun violence. She voices her opinions and spills her heart out to her millions of followers on her social media platforms. Yesterday, 6.26.19, the legend herself, released an intense, disturbing reality with the music video God Control. I would take the opening message to heart when she warns you about what you're about to see. 
When it comes to gun control, I believe we all have the right to the second amendment. With that said, having military artillery or assault weapons to protect your "home" is unnecessary. I agree that the high level of guns needs to be controlled. Not saying that you shouldn't be allowed to have a hand gun or shot gun, but why do you need an AK-47 or a machine gun ? IF it's not your career, you don't need those types of weapons.

I understand the corny saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people." yeah.. and without that gun they wouldn't kill someone. If we're honest, most of our law enforcement shouldn't be allowed to carry; but hey, here we are. Guns are in the hands of the wrong people all the time, so how do we fix this.. aside for screaming for gun control? Or is that the only option?

Madonna 's new video "God Control" is a vision of the reality we still don't want to discuss. I get what she was going for & find it very triggering for some & disturbing.. but yet, that's the point.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Not Broke Not Rich - Tayy Tarantino

Oh, how I LOVE music. I'm in countless studios of major artists, upcoming artists and underground artists so much it's hard for me to keep track of who is doing what. I'm privy to plenty of musicians who are so amazing in their craft, it makes me a little picky when it comes to my rap music. If I'm honest, I've been picky with rap ever since I was introduced to the poetic styles of the east coast, and the smooth music of the west when I was about 7 years-old. I've always been a lyrics girl, I LOVE a good story when it comes to what I'm listening too. I tend to listen to artists who have a poetic nature like, Nas, Rakim, Philly Freeway, Big K.R.I.T, Nipsey Hussle and Talib Kewli to name a few (My list can go on for DAYS.)   

Who am I playing now? 
Image result for not broke not rich tayy tarantino
Three years ago Alaska's own Tayy Tarantino released the album Homecoming which caused a major movement for the Alaskan music scene. So much so that I had to write about it.  

Tarantino released a few projects since that were great! But not as big, different and needed as his most recent album NOT BROKE NOT RICH.  This album is an example as to what growth  means.

If you follow Tarantino on his social media, you get a glimpse of what it's like to be a loving father, dedicated to music, inspired by cultural surrounds all while not missing the big picture....staying true to who you are. 

With each new project, Tarantino displays a new stage of self awareness.  In EACH album, he takes us on a journey of his life by murdering us with lyrics that pierce our hearts and make us bleed reality. With each song it was a roller coaster of emotion and love that you had no choice but to feel and admire. That is why his dedicated fan base is drawn to him. He has a way to reach you, to feed into you and let you in his world. The best part about that, is he's not apologetic for his truth.

3 years later

With NOT BROKE NOT RICH, Tarantino, to no surprise has done it again. This time, his moves are a little more solidified and the risks are higher. He gives you his classic sound, some amazing beats and not to mention a little reggae tone in a few songs. I love the risks creatives take when it comes to their work. Trying something new is a hit or a miss and by dabbling into that reggae sound, it was a hit.

Being an Alaskan native myself, opening the album with  Not Broke Not Rich you get sucked into this hypnotizing sound with poetic lyrics of the reality of being in the middle of life. There's more to it than money. There's more to dreams than cars and throwing your money away at the club. There's levels to this shit.. there's levels to life, and Tarantino brings you in slowly to his 13 track album as to what that is. 

My favorite song: 2am in Anchorage 

When it comes to his music, it's hard for me to pick a favorite song. But 2am in Anchorage did what artists want their work to do to you... It made ME FEEL something. It made me miss the Last Frontier. 2am's in Anchorage (in summer) is bright and peaceful. When I was younger, 2am's were usually filled with my friends and I leaving the club heading to Denny's. Keeping the party going with feel good music to end the night perfectly. The reminiscent of ending a perfect night and placing it in the "middle"  of the  album IS genius.

It's always a little difficult for me to write about his music because I don't want to give to much of the art away. I can go into detail of every song, every beat, the album cover and my opinions. The best way to describe this piece of art, is ....refreshing. I'm happy to see a project dispel so much heart, time, dedication, thought, love and it's long overdue. Being a Tarantino fan for a decade or so now, I've witnessed his growth. And you can too if you check him out on YouTube and social. It's amazing to see what we go through and how we channel that into something pure.

NOT BROKE NOT RICH tells a story of life, expectations, wants, desires and dreams.  Available now on all major outlets, trust me, and bless your LIFE with this piece of art by Tayy Tarantino.

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